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Oracle XE (eXpress Edition) is Oracle Corporation's free to use and distribute database edition.

XE is available for Windows and Linux and can be downloaded free of charge from Oracle TechNet. Linux RPM's are also available for easy deployment on Linux servers.


Oracle XE offers (almost) all features you would expect the Oracle database to have. In addition, it also ships with:

  • APEX - which can be used to develop web based applications
  • PHP language bindings


Oracle Database 18c XE is limited to:

  • Up to 12 GB of user data
  • Up to 2 GB of database RAM
  • Up to 2 CPU threads
  • Up to 3 Pluggable Databases

Oracle XE

Oracle Database 10g/11g XE is limited to:

  • only use one core of CPU on a system
  • use up to 1GB of RAM
  • store up to 4GB of data, 11GB of data on 11.2

The following database features are not supported:

  • partitioned objects
  • internal Java virtual machine (JVM)
  • materialized view query rewrite
  • changing character set on 11.2 (only AL32UTF8)


Support for Oracle XE is exclusively through on-line forums and NOT through the official Oracle Support channel.

Database login[edit]

To login as the DBA user:

C:\>sqlplus / as sysdba
SQL*Plus: Release - Production on Fri Dec 28 09:36:12 2007
Copyright (c) 1982, 2005, Oracle.  All rights reserved.

Connected to:
Oracle Database 10g Express Edition Release - Production

SQL> SELECT * FROM dba_users;

Login to demo accounts, say HR:

C:\>sqlplus HR/HR

Change the default port[edit]

To change the default port from 8080 to something else, execute:

sqlplus '/ as sysdba'

Check if the port was changed:

SQL> SELECT dbms_xdb.gethttpport, dbms_xdb.getftpport FROM dual;

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