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This page lists some products and scripts that can be downloaded as well as tools to help you getting the job done.

Downloads on this site[edit]

The Oracle FAQ offers the following free downloads:

Oracle Wallpapers:

Download one of these cool screen savers/ wallpapers to decorate your desktop:

To install, unzip the file; copy to C:\WINDOWS; go to CONTROL PANEL/ DISPLAY and select the file as your wallpaper;


Open in your Web Browser, right click on the image and select "Set as Wallpaper".

Oracle downloads[edit]

Oracle users can also download Oracle Products, Drivers, and Utilities from Oracle OTN's (Oracle Technology Network) download page.

Customers with a valid support contract can download product patches and patch-sets from Metalink (Oracle's official support website).

Download managers[edit]

Having trouble downloading files? Several download managers are available that can resume downloads and download concurrently from multiple mirror sites. Some examples:

Happy downloading!!!