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Oracle Corporation provides the following products:

Oracle Database Server[edit]

The Oracle database server is available in the following editions:

Oracle Enterprise Edition[edit]

Oracle's top-end database server product.

The following optional database options can be purchased separately. These options are only available with the Enterprise Edition:

Partitioning Option[edit]

The partitioning option allows DBAs to split large tables into more manageable sub-tables (partitions). Some of the advantages offered:

  • Partitions can be stored in different tablespaces;
  • Partitions can be added/ removed while users are working;
  • Data can be selected from targeted partitioned without having to scan all partitions for rows (partition pruning).

Spatial Option[edit]

The Spatial option store geographical information (GPS coordinates for instance) with records.

Real Application Clusters Option[edit]

Real Application Clusters (RAC) - formerly called Oracle Parallel Server (OPS) - allows more than one instance to mount and open an Oracle database. RAC can only be used on special clustered systems.

Advanced Security Option[edit]

Oracle Advanced Security (formerly Advanced Networking Option) provides a suite of security features to protect a company's network by providing network encryption, authentication solutions, single sign-on services, and support for other security protocols.

Oracle Label Security[edit]

Row level security based on stringent government and commercial requirements; sensitivity labels (i.e. confidential, doctor-patient only, top secret) provide better intellectual property protection and privacy.

Oracle OLAP[edit]

Oracle OLAP offers a complete set of analytical functions fully integrated within the database.

Oracle Data Mining[edit]

Oracle Data Mining offers embedded data mining for classifications, predictions, and associations to build advanced business intelligence applications.

Database Vault[edit]

A new option to Oracle Database 10g Release 2 Enterprise Edition that lets you control who, when, and where data and applications can be accessed, protecting against the most common security threat like malicious internal users.

Oracle Standard Edition[edit]

Four-processor version of Oracle Database 10g, including full clustering support (Real Application Clusters).

Oracle Standard Edition One[edit]

Two-processor version of Standard Edition at an attractive entry-level price. Real Application Clusters is NOT included with Oracle Database Standard Edition One.

Oracle Standard Edition 2[edit]

Oracle has now replaced Standard Edition and Standard Edition One with just Standard Edition 2 (SE2). With SE2 you can only run on a maximum of 2 sockets. This also means on a 2 node SE2 RAC cluster you can have only one socket on each server. SE2 is licensed by occupied sockets. You need one processor license for each socket containing a processor up to a maximum of 2 sockets.

An important note in 19c: Desupport of Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) with Oracle Database Standard Edition 19c (Doc ID 2504078.1)

Oracle Personal Edition[edit]

Full-featured version for individuals, compatible with the entire Oracle Database family (except Real Application Clusters).

Oracle Express Edition[edit]

Oracle XE is a free version of Oracle that is limited to 1 processor, 1 GB RAM and 4 GB of data (for 10gR2) or 11 GB of data (11gR2). It is also limited to 1 database on a computer, since the database must be named XE which must be unique.

Oracle Enterprise Manager[edit]

The following Enterprise Manager management packs are available. These packs must be separately licensed:

Oracle Configuration Management Pack[edit]

Track hardware and software configuration for hosts and databases plus cloning for database instances and Oracle home to facilitate deployments. Implement Policies, including Security checks and scoring.

Oracle Change Management Pack[edit]

Evaluate, plan for, and implement database schema changes to support new application requirements; eliminate errors/data loss when making changes; minimize downtime.

Oracle Diagnostics Pack[edit]

Ensure high availability of mission-critical business systems by reducing the number of complex performance tasks.

Oracle Tuning Pack (requires Diagnostics Pack)[edit]

Dynamic tuning recommendations for more-efficient resource utilization, higher transaction throughput, faster query performance; avoid costly hardware, memory, and disk upgrades.

Oracle Internet Application Server[edit]

iAS (Internet Application Server) is Oracle's J2EE-based Application Server. iAS is divided into Infrastructure and Middle Tier components:

Infrastructure Components:

Middle Tier Components:

Oracle Developer Suite[edit]

The Oracle Developer Suite consists of the following products:

Oracle Collaboration Suite[edit]

Oracle Collaboration Suite (OCS) consists of components like:

  • Oracle Mail
  • Oracle Calendar
  • Oracle Voicemail & Fax
  • Oracle Mobile Access
  • Oracle Discussions
  • Oracle Web Conferencing
  • Oracle Messenger
  • Oracle Workspaces (managing team and project collaboration)
  • Oracle Content Services (content management system)

E-Business Suite (Oracle Applications)[edit]

Oracle Applications like Financials, HR, GL, CRM, etc:

  • Manufacturing - helps to figure out what materials are needed to input to get a certain amount of product.

This also includes recently purchased solutions like PeopleSoft, Baan, etc.

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