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One of the best benefits of PL/SQL stored procedure (and possibly also one of its worst) is that the source code can be viewed by others. Source code in the wrong hands can be dangerous. The PL/SQL wrapper is a stand alone utility introduced with Oracle 7.2 that allows you to provide the code to a third party in encrypted form. You can wrap the code as follows:

wrap iname= [oname=]

For example, if you have written PL/SQL code and named the file fileio.prc, and want to wrap the file to produce an encrypted file fileio.pls, then execute:

wrap iname=fileio.prc oname=fileio.pls

It is safe to give an output file name, though it is optional, else your original file will be overwritten and you may end up loosing the source code.


McUnwrap is a Windows program which allows you to unwrap your 10g+ wrapped PL/SQL codes (function, procedure, package (body), type (body), library).