Oracle Advanced Compression

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Oracle Advanced Compression is an option of the Oracle 11g database (separately licensed) that allows data in the database to be compressed.


Oracle Advanced Compression offers the following advantages:

  • OLTP compression - allows structured and unstructured data to be compressed on INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE operations.
  • RMAN Backup Compression - compress RMAN backups
  • Datapump export compression - compress datapump export files
  • SecureFiles Deduplication - detect and eliminate duplicate copies of files stored within the database.
  • SecureFiles Compression - compress unstructured file data within the database
  • Network Traffic Compression - compress Data Guard (standby database) redo data as it is sent over the network


Create a new compressed table:

SQL> create table emp2 compress for all operations
  2  as select * from emp;
Table created.

Alter existing table to enable compression:

SQL> alter table emp compress for all operations;
Table altered.