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OMF (Oracle Manage Files) is a database feature, introduced in Oracle 9i, that simplifies tablespace creation. Using OMF, Oracle will automatically assign datafile names to tablespaces and automatically create and delete the required datafiles the operating-system level.


Some of the benefits of OMF are:

  • Easy file management - datafiles are automatically placed into the proper OS directory
  • Easy third-party application integration - third-party apps don’t have to be aware of OS-specific naming conventions
  • Fewer DBA errors - no risk of human error
  • Enforcement of the Optimal Flexible Architecture (OFA) standard
  • Default file sizes - OMF allows files to have standard, uniform sizes


Create a non-OMF tablepace:

CREATE TABLESPACE users ADD DATAFILE '/app/oradata/users01.dbf' SIZE 10M;

Create a OMF tablespace:

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