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Photo of Larry Ellison

Lawrence Joseph (Larry) Ellison (Born: 1944, Chicago) is president and CEO of Oracle Corporation.

Larry is the Oracle worlds hero, and he should be. Oracle Corporation, the company he founded with Robert N. (Bob) Miner and Edward A. (Ed) Oates back in 1977, has emerged as the world's largest vendor of software that helps large corporations and governments better manage their information.

Check out the book: What's the difference between God and Larry Ellison. It's really a great book, and is pretty even handed with who Larry Ellison is with lots of interesting stories from the early days of Oracle. The name of the book came from a funny e-mail message that went around the company. The answer to the question is: "God doesn't think he's Larry..."

Famous Quotes[edit]

Some of Larry's famous quotes:

  • "When you innovate, you've got to be prepared for everyone telling you you're nuts."
  • "I have had all of the disadvantages required for success."
  • "I do not give fashionable answers to questions"
  • "Client Servers were a tremendous mistake. And we are sorry that we sold it to you. Instead of applications running on the desktop and data sitting on the server, everything will be Internet based." (June 1999)
  • "If the Internet turns out not to be the future of computing, we're toast. But if it is, we're golden."
  • "Bill Gates is the pope of the personal computer industry. He decides who's going to build."
  • "It's Microsoft versus mankind, with Microsoft having only a slight lead."
  • "If an innovative piece of software comes along, Microsoft copies it and makes it part of Windows, ... This is not innovation. This is the end of innovation."
  • "Microsoft is already the most powerful company on earth, but you ain't seen nothing yet"
  • "It is absolutely true that we set out to expose Microsoft's covert activities"

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