OraFAQ Forums "well attended" - author of Expert Oracle PL/SQL


I recently stumbled across a sample chapter of Expert Oracle PL/SQL where the authors (Ron Hardman and Michael McLaughlin) mentioned that OraFAQ.com is a good place to post Oracle questions.

Here is a screenshot.

The sample chapter can be downloaded from here.

This is a big compliment for everyone that is helping out on the forums. Thank you very much guys - and keep up the good work!


Also see Christopher T. Foot's comment in his book "OCP Instructors Guide for Oracle DBA Certification" at http://books.google.com/books?id=TAGZ_xEnSToC&pg=PA31&lpg=PA31 -

www.orafaq.com - Orafaq discussion forums are excellent sources of information. Post a question to hundreds of experienced Oracle DBAs and you'll find out how helpful Orafaq can be. Orafaq provides an intelligent search engine that visitors can use to search the discussion forums for topics of interest. The website also provides hints, tips, scripts, whitepapers and an on-line chatroom.

Thank you for the kind words Christopher!

Best regards.