Blue Core Research's "NO BULL" buyers guide to Database Auditing products - Part 12: Change Control


Change control is an important part of being compliant. You will not pass an audit without having a change control process in place. One of the requirements you might face is to monitor all changes in the database and make sure they all came from the change control process.

At least some of your databases have changes being posted through change control on a daily basis. The challenge is to identify the change controls in the audit reports and separate those from changes that might not have gone through the proper procedure. When multiple changes from multiple sessions are posted every night, it becomes impossible to make sense of the reports every morning.

A good database auditing tool can help. Core Audit from Blue Core Research is an example of a tool that can automatically tag the change control sessions and/or SQLs with the Change control information. This allows the user to quickly and easily review the changes. The reports can even be grouped by the change control information making the theoretical requirement to review all the changes into a real possibility.

Core Audit can help you close the loop on your change control system and make the theory into a reality.

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