R12 - GL / XLA / FAH - How to disable Create Reporting Sequence Number (which used to run when a period is closed in GL)?

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Note that if Create Reporting Sequence Number is disabled, Reporting Sequences will not be generated in GL/SLA.

1. Log in as sysadmin user.
2. Choose the responsibility Workflow Administrator Web Applications.
3. Select the page Business Events.
4. Search for "oracle.apps.gl.CloseProcess.period.close" (enter this in the name field and press Go).
5. Click on Subscription
6. Update the Event, which is having the function as "xla_reporting_sequence_pkg.period_close".
7. Make it Disable.

8. Do the similar steps for "oracle.apps.gl.CloseProcess.period.reopen" Event and the function "XLA_REPORTING_SEQUENCE_PKG.period_reopen".


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